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Anti-aging – Elevating your real beauty to grace

Ageing can be scary because it slowly takes away your perceived self-image, sometimes making your confidence fade away. Some people find it painful to watch as fine lines and wrinkles slowly start appearing on their face. Ageing is inevitable but who wouldn’t like to hold on to their youthful skin for a bit longer? Fortunately, today a large portion of scientists are working on all levels to combat the effects of ageing on skin. If you want to get rid of the slowly increasing signs of ageing on your skin, you have come to the right place. We can help you in more ways than you could imagine. At AHC Beauty Clinic, we bring to you the best advanced skin treatments which help you fight the premature signs of ageing. Our aim is to offer state of the art procedures and treatments to you so that you can preserve the natural radiance of your skin and feel young once again.

Our Range of Anti-ageing Treatments

PRP-Vampire Facial

PRP facial or Vampire facial is one of the latest, most popular and effective anti-ageing treatments today. This method uses PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) taken from your own blood which stimulates healing and regenerative processes of the skin like collagen and elastin production. This non-invasive and painless facial is a remarkable way to transform your appearance in a short time.


We offer Mesotherapy, one of the most promising and powerful skincare and anti-aging treatments available today. It is an effective and long-lasting non-surgical treatment that is done by the best experts using only gold standard active ingredients which penetrate your skin to have a rejuvenating, lifting, restorative and anti-aging effect.

Ultrasound facial

Ultrasound facial is an FDA-approved skin treatment that uses ultrasonic vibrations to trigger the new collagen production and to improve lymphatic flow, ultimately giving you a more youthful appearance. This is a non-invasive solution that also provides a cleansing effect, making your skin brighter. This method works like a charm to treat neck lines and wrinkles.

We also augment these therapies with ayurvedic remedies, facials, routine and advanced skincare treatments and products.

Ultrasound Facial

Begin your journey to finding eternal and youthful skin

Right from the beginning of civilization, humans have yearned to stay youthful. This dream of eternal youth has finally brought us here in the 21st century where the secret has finally unfolded. Today we have manifested solutions the ancients must have found truly magical. Ultrasound facial therapy is a new-age non-invasive solution that really works at the roots. This is an invigorating, anti-ageing and deep cleansing treatment with the double benefit of ultrasound itself and active agents driven deep. This treatment tones facial muscles, makes the skin brighter and youthful while providing several other rejuvenating and anti-ageing benefits. It is now also approved by the FDA for neck lines and wrinkles.

Why AHC Beauty Clinic?

Everyone needs a long term, safe and gentle solution for unwanted body hair. Every woman wishes to ditch that cycle of feeling burdened to rush to a parlour before an important event while she wanted to pamper herself or had an important project to complete. With the AHC Beauty Clinic’s gold standard double certified triple wavelength laser, find a safe and virtually painless way to stay hairless and flaunt your hair free skin with confidence. With the AHC Beauty Clinic’s gold standard double certified triple wavelength laser, find a safe and virtually painless way to stay hairless and flaunt your hair free skin with confidence.

Skin Whitening

Who doesn’t love a flawless face which radiates confidence and vitality? Wouldn’t you want to walk into a room and catch everyone’s attention with your glowing skin?

Healthy skin glows naturally and this is why you need to take care of it. We offer the most advanced, holistic, and long-lasting skin brightening treatments.

We at AHC beauty clinic provide solutions for your following needs

  • De-tan
  • Full-back fairness
  • Face fairness
  • Underarm fairness

Hyper Pigmentation

A lot of people suffer from unwanted and stubborn pigmentation. It is something that can affect your confidence and overall appearance. Hyperpigmentation is the presence of unwanted dark spots or patches on the skin which can occur due to a number of reasons.

Our goal at AHC Beauty Clinic is to give you luminous, glowing, and brighter skin through targeted treatments that reduce hyper-pigmentation and inhibit excessive melanin production which can be caused due to many reasons.

Hyperpigmentation facial treatment.

Treatments For Skin Whitening & Hyper Pigmentation

As we are looking for sustainable, lasting, and visible results, we work on providing 360-degree solutions. We start by understanding your concerns, followed by analysis and diagnosis at the root level by our team of experts.

At AHC Beauty Clinic, we fuse holistic treatments with next generation science to revitalize and transform. We believe in the uniqueness of each individual and this is why with us you get customized treatment plans to awaken your skin.

At AHC Beauty Clinic, we offer medically approved advanced procedures like HydraFacial, LASER treatments, Mesotherapy and also conventional facials. In addition to these effective treatments, you will also be prescribed suitable Ayurvedic medicines, topical creams, packs for home use (EGF Glow Masks- Swedish origin), etc.

Our team actively works with the client to design truly reformative and cost-effective plans for the desired outcome.

Skin Tightening

As we age, facial fat distribution becomes uneven and connective tissue also weakens. The skin sags and facial features lose their sharpness. Similar changes can also occur with rapid or massive weight loss or after major illness. Luckily, you can find the solution to reverse these changes at AHC Beauty Clinic.

We offer the best skin tightening treatments which are aimed towards lifting and toning the skin while sculpting the contours of your face. For a younger looking skin, it is important to reduce facial tension, increase lymphatic flow along with plumping and toning. Our treatments work two ways. On the inside, they increase collagen production and enhance hydration while on the outside they work on relaxing, lifting and sculpting.

We offer different advanced treatments in combination and also as stand-alone therapies. These include mesotherapy, PRP (vampire) facials, HydraFacial, Ultrasound therapy, conventional facials and topical treatments.

Rejuvenating facial injections procedure for tightening and smoothing wrinkles on the face skin

Skin Moisturizing

A well moisturized skin looks supple and soft. Our treatments aim to provide specific nutrients that your skin requires to maintain optimum hydration. Due to environmental factors, poor nutrition and ageing, our skin does not retain sufficient moisture. A dull and dry looking skin makes you look aged and steals your charm. In most cases, topical application does not help because the skin is not healthy enough to absorb the active ingredients. Treatments like Mesotherapy, HydraFacial and Ultrasound therapy can promote natural moisturizing factors while also delivering active ingredients for better hydration. PRP facials are a uniquely natural way to have healthier, supple, and well-moisturized skin. We offer all these advanced therapies under the guidance of our experts. These treatments also enable your skin to be more receptive to regular topical treatments.

Uneven Skin tone

Aging has been known to cause skin damage which includes rough texture and uneven skin tone. Modern-day lifestyle, stress, environmental factors like pollution, poor nutrition, and hormonal disturbances also play a role in causing uneven skin tone. Earlier, people only had harsher treatments at their disposal for such skin concerns. With pioneers like AHC Beauty Clinic, you can regain a softer and even-toned skin with best-in-segment holistic treatments. To help you tackle the issue of uneven skin tone, we offer advanced treatments like HydraFacial, Vampire (PRP) Facial, Ultrasound therapy, Mesotherapy, LASER therapy, and EGF Glow mask.

Our experts provide Ayurvedic remedies to tackle the problem at the root and topical ointments for maintaining the results along with all the necessary guidance. 

Deep Cleaning

At AHC Beauty Clinic, you can get the most advanced deep cleaning therapies which make your skin regain its glow and vitality. A deeply cleansed skin is better hydrated, more radiant and has lesser chances of developing issues like acne. This youthful and healthy skin is best for applying serums, moisturizers and even makeup.

HydraFacial with its advanced dermabrasion and vortex technology provides a thorough yet gentle deep cleansing effect which rids your skin from any dust, dirt, grime, dead cells or extra oil. Ultrasound therapy also gently exfoliates your skin. Our other advanced therapies that improve lymph flow, unclog and reduce pore size etc. also help with deep cleaning the skin.

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