Ultrasound Facial

At AHC Health Clinic, we use the latest facial Ultrasound technology to ensure the most promising results. Our experts analyze your skin layers to zero in on the required location, and correct depth, and deliver it to the targeted areas.

Ultrasound Facial

Begin your journey to finding eternal and youthful skin

Right from the beginning of civilization, humans have yearned to stay youthful. This dream of eternal youth has finally brought us here in the 21st century where the secret has finally unfolded. Today we have manifested solutions the ancients must have found truly magical. Ultrasound facial therapy is a new-age non-invasive solution that really works at the roots. This is an invigorating, anti-ageing and deep cleansing treatment with the double benefit of ultrasound itself and active agents driven deep. This treatment tones facial muscles, makes the skin brighter and youthful while providing several other rejuvenating and anti-ageing benefits. It is now also approved by the FDA for neck lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasound Facial - How it works

The ultrasonic vibrations permeate into deeper layers of the skin which promotes new collagen production. None of the other non-invasive techniques can penetrate this deep and provide similar effects. Collagen is one of the most essential components which keeps us looking young with a plumper and wrinkle free skin. As we age, the natural collagen production keeps on decreasing and this treatment can effectively trigger new collagen production. Since it permeates into deeper layers and promotes circulation, it also deep cleanses without the side effects unlike harsh treatments. This detoxing cleansing action can also help in combating acne and reducing the pore size. Ultrasonic waves used in facials heat the tissues, trigger your skin’s own rejuvenating activities, and improve lymphatic flow which results in healing, tightening of the skin and depuffing.

Ultrasound Facial Benefits

Non-Invasive treatment where you can go back to your regular activities without following any special post treatment protocols.
Great visible results with even a single session
A comprehensive treatment for every age including those who are under 30
It can reduce acne, pore size and lines
This treatment can be targeted where required
Gentle exfoliation and detox for your skin
Its application can drive both water soluble and fat-soluble active agents into deeper layers to provide cumulative effects
It improves cell membrane permeability so that your skin care products can deliver better results

Enhanced circulation, cell metabolism and lymph flow
Younger looking toned skin which is brighter and healthier
You can use this method to prolong the results of a face lift surgery

In short, this treatment is like getting a facelift and healthier skin without any scary invasive or painful methods.

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