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“I was very insecure about my skin because of dullness and pigmentation so I took the services of AHC Beauty Clinic. Dr. Suman gave me her time and attention to assess my skin type so that she could prescribe the best treatment for my issue. In just a period of two months, I have seen amazing results. I get a lot of compliments about my skin now because it glows so much and it has certainly boosted my confidence. This has clearly been the best decision I have made.”

Mahi Narwar

“I have been struggling with facial acne due to PCOD. I reached out to AHC Beauty Clinic to find a solution for this problem which had been causing me a lot of distress. Dr. Suman gave me an assurance that my issue will be resolved with the proper treatment. During the initial phase of the treatment, 80% of the acne marks vanished. I am now maintaining the treatment and care prescribed by Suman Ma’am because of which I have seen 100% improvement. Any random breakouts due to PCOD also vanish because I am following the protocol.”

Sukhdarshan Kaur

“AHC Beauty Clinic is really the best beauty and skincare clinic in the city. The Changes to my skin color and texture have been amazing and clearly visible. Even other people have been noticing and asking me what I am doing for my skin. I want to thank the experts and the staff for this. If anyone has similar issues, I strongly suggest visiting the clinic.”

Kiran Deep

“Going to AHC Beauty Clinic has been the best decision for me. Before this, I faced several issues because of harsh and damaging treatments. Some effects were even showing on my body. On the contrary, when I went to see Dr. Suman, she assessed my condition thoroughly providing me safe and specific treatment for my uneven skin texture, dark circles and uneven complexion. I am happy and satisfied with the results I have had. I would like to thank Suman ma’am and the rest of the staff from the bottom of my heart.”

Keira Cole

“For me, AHC Beauty Clinic is synonymous with self-love and care. The first service that I used with AHC Beauty Clinic was a full body LASER hair removal. The procedure was surprisingly painless and more convenient than what I had imagined for so long. The results have been completely transformative for me and I am finally free from the endless cycle of painful waxing and other temporary hair removal methods. I have decided to visit this facility for any further skin or beauty treatments in future.”

In Clinic Review

“I had heard about AHC Beauty Clinic from a few of my colleagues who were pretty happy with their services. I had always wanted to get a hair removal treatment but I was not able to come to the final decision because I was confused. The team at AHC Beauty Clinic listened to all my concerns and cleared all my doubts regarding LASER hair removal. I was told that the team uses only the most advanced technology for hair removal. After getting briefed about the process by the experts, I was sure that I wanted to get it done with them and nowhere else. I am super excited about getting what I have always wanted for my body” –


“I found AHC Beauty Clinic to be the best in terms of pricing, packages and services. I am a person who pays great attention to hygiene and that is why I found this place to be perfect for me. I am going for the pigmentation reduction treatment and the results have been amazing so far. The skin texture has also improved and I am really looking forward to the full results in some time.”